ZPTech Ormus Gold Spiralight Review

ZPTech Spiralight Review

Spiralight Powder by ZP.tech Review

Spiralight from ZPTech was my very first Ormus nutritional supplement. It's actually stage two out of four stages of ZPTech's initial powdered line. I passed stage one and went straight on to Spiralight simply because it also had m- state platinum elements also it sounded like the right thing for me to begin doing. You have to come to a decision for yourself how to begin, however, the maker suggests that you just start on stage one with Zerolight. I posted my order on a Tuesday and it got here on that very same Friday, thus delivery was quick. I had formed a handful of basic questions for the maker just before I submitted the order. Their feedback were swift and helpful. ZP.tech possibly has the best looking packaging and web site design on the market. They have undoubtedly poured a heap of cash into their over-all visual appeal. In fact, it’s what caught my attention which made them my first monoatomic gold choice.

I found myself very stoked on that Friday to find out it had arrived so soon and I was eager to give this Ormus stuff a shot. I bought just one gram due to the price tag - family of five, we are frugale. ZP.tech is a little on the costly side [for me] and one gram of Spiralight was $55.

Here is my first exposure to Ormus: As fortune would have it, my family (wife and kids) ended up departing for the weekend, so I had a bit of time alone. This is a rarity in my life. Right after they left, I quickly took the recommended dosage, which as per the manufacturer was about the size of a hole punch. Spiralight is a powder. A very fine, light powder to be precise. Its flavor is pleasingly salty but also very moderate. It dissolves rapidly after ingesting below your tongue. And So I took it and waited. Just after approximately 30 - 45 minutes of experiencing practically nothing, the time had come to let my four-legged friend out side in order to do her business. It was an incredibly lovely early fall day, so I went out on my deck to savor the tranquility...

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